Panel upgrades and service cable replacements are a common issue we hear about at Sean Murphy Electric.  Your electrical panel is the box that houses the breakers (or fuses) for the home electrical circuits.  When a breaker trips it is stopping a potential overload on the wire.  An overload can cause a fire or smoke damage.  The service cable is the cable on the outside of your house carrying the electricity from the point of attachment to the electrical panel.  Often times the service cables will begin to wear from age and weather, it is a good idea to check this cable for wear and call an electrician if you think it may need to be replaced.


As a child I remember in my parents home if we had the coffee maker going with the toaster, plus an electric griddle to cook the eggs and the fuse would blow.  Our home was older with older wiring and we had the glass fuses, so someone would inevitably have to walk down cellar and change out the fuse.  Today most electrical panels have breakers, but they can still get overloaded.

*Side note….Sean has since upgraded the wiring in my parents home to remove the knob and tube and the panel has been upgraded….phew!

If your home is at least 10 years old it is a good idea to check for the following:

  1.   Crackling or popping  in your breaker box.
  2.   Your home has 2 pronged outlets not the 3 prong grounded outlets.
  3.   You find yourself often using extension cords.
  4.   The breaker switches have rust or signs of corrosion on them.
  5.   You have a 100 amp panel but you still cannot operate some of your appliances.
  6.   Your breaker panel is FULL.
  7.   Your breaker box is older than 25 years old.  If your breaker box was installed after 1990, they are generally well designed and safe.  If it was installed prior to 1990 there are some electrical boxes that have safety issues due to poor design.

If you are experiencing any of the above it is a good idea to call Sean Murphy Electric at 413-648-3245, to inspect your panel and receive a free estimate.