Knob and Tube wiring was the standard wiring in homes during the time period of 1880 to the 1940’s in North America.  While knob and tube is now considered to be an antiquated wiring system it can also be a safety hazard.

The safety hazard can involve the insulation surrounding the cloth wire and unsafe modifications made within the home.  There is no grounding wire found in knob and tube and therefore you would not be able to use any 3 pronged outlets which is found in most appliances.


Back in the 1800’s the appliances being used were not as advanced as our current appliances.  The amperage needed for a percolator is different than the amperage needed for a keurig.  The modifications made to the knob and tube over the years included trying to increase the amperage as the newer appliances required this to work.   The result of this particular modification is heat damage to the wire due to excessive amperage load. The fuses did not necessarily get blown as often since the fuses would also be modified to have a resistance too high for the wiring.

As we have removed and replaced many knob and tube wires, we have found that in some homes the connections have masking tape instead of electrical tape.   The expense of removing knob and tube is not cheap but the benefits and peace of mind far out way the cost.

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