We recently upgraded the old fuse box on the left below to a new 100 amp panel with breakers on the right.  This was a new home purchase for a couple in Athol and we are happy they decided to upgrade as the old fuse box had seen better days!

We upgraded a panel and service drop at a local horse farm in Easthampton, MA.  You can see the difference in the panel on the left to the new larger panel on the right.  It is always good to be mindful of the age and capacity of your panel.


This home in Northfield, MA had just purchased a new shed and requested to have power added for LED lighting on the inside with a plug on the outside of the shed and inside.  We also added the nice lantern lights to the front of their garage and matching to the front of the shed.  This is such a nice country classic look, plus adding some light to the front of the garage and shed.  It was a pleasure working on this project with the homeowners!